Staying motivated and focused while searching for a job is always challenging and even more so as we continue through a global pandemic.  Expectations are that hiring will be more robust in the second and third quarters of the year.  

While it’s difficult to predict exactly what jobs will be posted in 2021, certain hiring trends are emerging. Here are steps you can take right now to adapt to a changing and competitive labor market. Each link below connects you to resources that will help you stand out among the competition.

Career Changers

Many industries will remain challenged and never rebound. Likewise, many workers from these industries who lost jobs will be forced to consider career changes. Gaining new skills or learning a new trade is a viable option for many unemployed workers.  One Stop Career Centers offer subsidized training programs that can help eligible job seekers get a more in-demand skill or certificate.  Knowing how to leverage and promote your transferrable skills can help you transition to a new career or industry. 

Virtual Interviewing

Many job seekers underestimate the challenges of excelling in a virtual interview format. Employers are trending toward pre-recorded interviews where job seekers answer questions provided in advance during a scheduled recording session. More familiar is the growing adaptation by employers of live virtual interviews conducted one on one or hosted by a panel of company employees.  Being able to Ace Your Interview in a Coronavirus World is a critical step to secure your next job. 

Social Media Recruiting

Nearly 85% of companies now use social media platforms to identify and cultivate a talent pipeline.  Creating an impactful LinkedIn profile that will surface in a candidate search requires knowledge and savviness. Knowing how to leverage your social media relationships will also be key in maximizing your virtual job search and capturing the interests of recruiters. 

On-Line Applications

Sophisticated artificial intelligence programs can derail your prospects if your resumes and cover letters don’t match up to automated screening processes engaged by job boards, company websites and virtual job fair platforms. Both content and format need to conform and you’ll benefit from getting expert advice on creating resumes and cover letters that work. 

Remote Work Ready

Many jobs will begin as remote positions for the time being or be permanently remote. Recruiters will look for specific traits, such as strong organizational and communication skills, that indicate your suitability. Demonstrated familiarity with online project management and video conferencing tools will be universal.  Luckily free tutorials are available for mastering programs like Google Docs or Zoom. Even if you’re not working, adopt these tools to manage your job search, support your volunteer activities or home school sessions. 

Remember to add self-care to your job search regime.  It’s easy to experience burnout during a job search that is likely to take longer than you hoped. Creating a daily routine that incorporates learning new skills and polishing your job search tools will go a long way in helping you land that new job in 2021.

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