Hiring a new person can be as stressful for the employer as it is for the employee. Sometimes so many candidates come through the door that after a while, it all becomes a blur. Other times, you wonder if you can trust your judgment because some people are great at interviews and not so great when it comes to real-life work. You want to hire someone who can do the job well, and equally as important, someone who is a good fit.

Have you ever thought of taking your top candidates for a test drive? Here are four things you can do after the interview to help confirm your gut feelings or maybe tip you off in the opposite direction.

“Measure talent to predict performance”

A Casual Test

These days it’s not uncommon for writers, designers, salespeople, and other candidates to be asked to complete a test that reflects their skills. Have your candidate write a blog, design a newsletter, write a marketing plan, or even get on the phone to provide customer service. Not only will you weed out those with greater skills, but you’ll also see that some people don’t even bother to do the assignment, which is your answer right there.

Job for a Day

You can bring on a candidate for a day or half a day, and let them work on a few of their daily tasks. Have them work alongside a co-worker and see how they handle these particular skills. It’s also a great way to observe how a potential employee balances cooperation and initiative.

Trial Period

It can be critical that the candidate you hire is not only good at their job, but a good fit for the company culture, values, and work ethic. More and more companies are implementing a paid 30-day (or longer) trial period that can help you — and your candidate — make that determination.

View Previous Work

This isn’t a hands-on suggestion, but it’s another great way to follow up after an interview. Take a look at a candidate’s work performance or portfolio from previous jobs. Have them explain their role in getting from point A to point B and their summary of the work process. You can discover a lot about a candidate’s work ethic if you listen for clues about their attitude relating to working on a team, solving problems, working within a deadline, and so forth.

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