SHL Assessments

SHL Assessments is a web-based assessment program that provides over 1,200 validated tests for clerical, software, call center, legal, financial, healthcare, industrial and technical job classifications. This platform is designed to help employers and recruiters determine if candidates have the required skills for a specific job.

“It has been great to partner with Cathie LeBlanc at MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center to perform the [SHL] Assessments for our administrative positions. Cathie has helped with identifying which assessments to use, either typical or power user, and responds the same day with any requests. This has allowed the MBL [Marine Biological Laboratories] to identify those candidates who have strong Word and Excel skills and make the best hire possible for our organization.” Denice Baker, Sr. Human Resources Generalist, MBL

Why should employers use skills assessments?

To give job candidates an opportunity to prove they can do the job before you hire them.

Why do we offer this as a member benefit?

MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center has subscribed to the skills assessment portion of the SHL Aspiring Minds Assessment portfolio to give their employer members access to top quality Skills Assessment tests.

Is there a cost to the employer?

This service is available at no charge to employer members.

How do I arrange to have a job candidate take a skills test?

Contact Cathie LeBlanc at to learn more.

We will follow up with the employer and will send the link to the job candidate so he or she can take the test. If the employer would prefer the candidate to take the test at the company’s facility, a link to the test will be sent at a specific time. We will contact both the employer and job candidate with the test results.

“Convention Data Services [CDS] has greatly benefited from the complimentary [SHL] Assessments service offered by MassHire. As part of our Contact Center hiring process, we can quickly and effectively narrow down applicants to those who meet the skill sets required for these fundamental and customer-focused positions.” Denise Hughes, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Generalist, CDS

The Skills Tests in Most Demand on Cape Cod

  • MS Excel 2019
  • MSWord 2016
  • MS Outlook 2016
  • MS PowerPoint 2016
  • Quickbooks Pro 2015
  • Basic Office Skills
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data Entry-10 Key (On Screen)
  • Data Entry – Alpha Numeric (On Screen)
  • Typing – General (5 minutes on Screen)

Burning Glass Labor Insight Technologies

Burning Glass Labor Insight Technologies provides real-time job market data to give HR managers the insight to success. This powerful staffing intelligence provides data on hard to fill jobs, talent gaps, competitors, salary and more.

Why should employers use real-time labor market data?

Real-time labor market data gives HR managers a competitive edge in workforce planning, talent acquisition and compensation decisions.

Why do we offer this as a member benefit?

MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center has subscribed to Burning Glass to provide the region’s employers with the most current and relevant labor market data to help make critical hiring and workforce training decisions.

Is there a cost to the employer?

This service is available at no charge to employer members.

How do I arrange to have a report generated for my business?

Add Contact Neila Neary at to learn more. We will follow up with the employer to discuss the employer’s objectives and to determine the report parameters.


The Rapid Response Team at MassHire provides early intervention re-employment services to companies and their employees affected by layoffs and closing.

Rapid Response Team Services

Rapid Response Team and Layoff Aversion Resources


Outplacement services provide an effective and smooth transition to new employment for all your affected employees. These professional services are offered on-site at your facility and are available to you at no cost. Among the services offered are:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Career counseling
  • Job search assistance
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Interviewing skills workshops and other related job search workshops
  • Information on the local labor market
  • Information about education and training opportunities
  • Information on health benefits and pensions
  • AFL-CIO Rapid Response services when unions are involved

More individualized one-on-one services are available at MassHire or at your place of business.


  • Higher productivity during layoff event
  • Lower absenteeism among workers
  • Lower unemployment insurance costs as employees are re-employed more quickly when services are provided prior to layoff
  • Decreased likelihood of sabotage or work disruptions
  • Media and rumor management.
  • Better public relations for the employer
If these layoffs are the result of foreign trade the Mass Commonwealth ‘s Rapid Response team will work with you to provide information on the Trade Adjustment Act and the benefits workers can receive if the layoffs are a result of foreign trade.

If you are experiencing a temporary slowdown, the Work sharing Program is an alternative to layoffs because it allows workers in an entire company, department, or small unit within the company to share reduced work hours while also collecting unemployment insurance benefits to supplement their reduced wages.

Contact: Neila Neary at (508) 862-6134 or

Unemployment for Employers

The UI Online fully integrated Unemployment Insurance System also assists the employer. With one login employers will be able to respond to employee separations, view or protest charges, file a determination appeal and more. An informational brochure is available here.


As of January 1, 2015, a change was implemented regarding what covered employers are required to report to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Employers will now be required to report all work-related fatalities within 8 hours and all in-patient hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye within 24 hours of finding out about the incident.

Previously, employers were required to report all workplace fatalities and when three or more workers were hospitalized in the same incident. The updated reporting requirements are not simply paperwork but have a life-saving purpose: they will enable employers and workers to prevent future injuries by identifying and eliminating the most serious workplace hazards.

Employers have three options for reporting these severe incidents to OSHA. They can call their nearest area office during normal business hours, call the 24 hour OSHA hotline at (800) 321-6742 or they can report online

For more information and resources including a new YouTube video, visit OSHA’s website for their updated reporting requirements at

Employment Readiness

MassHire provides services essential to a job candidate’s success in the workplace. Job seekers who are members of MassHire will be provided such services as long as they are deemed eligible. Employers have the option of sending an employee for training in any of the programs listed below at a nominal fee. 


  • HI-SET High School Equivalency
  • Remedial Instruction


MassHire and local educational facilities are poised and ready to help you develop a customized training program for eligible workers. This program can be used to train prospective employees in the specifics of your industry.

Microsoft Instruction and Remediation Program

Microsoft Instruction and Remediation is an 8-week program focusing primarily on MICROSOFT WINDOWS, WORD, EXCEL and basic typing skills. An overview of Outlook and instruction in the basics of PowerPoint are included, along with a Typing Program that students can use to improve speed and accuracy.  It is designed to teach participants the computer skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

The Program consists of Group Lessons, Comprehensive Training Materials and Self-paced Online Tutorials.

The 8-week program focuses primarily on:

  • WINDOWS 10 (file management)

TYPING PROGRAM: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe Version 16.

Videos and Presentations

Hire Right Webinar
On The Job Training


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