New Year, New Skills

If you’re looking for a career on Cape Cod with growth possibilities and good wages, then plan to attend one or more of these three free one-hour webinars on careers that promise employment, growth, and a decent wage.

Hear from schools that provide the training and learn how you might be eligible for up to $10,000 in training for the career of your choice. Plus learn about companies looking to fill positions.

Call MassHire today to register for any one of these free webinars. This one hour investment could change your life. Call 508.862.6128 or click on the registration links below.


Begin a rewarding career in the healthcare industry! Contact Martha Burzycki at the MassHire Cape & Islands Career Center. 508-862-6139

If you are unemployed or underemployed and can’t find a job using your current skills, you may be eligible for free training.

Are You a Member?

The purpose of the career centers is to connect workers with employers. Job seekers can access job and career search services by becoming members of the career center.

Become a Member

This not only gives you access to services provided by MassHire Cape and Islands career center but to every career center in the state. Most of the basic Career and Job Search services are available to members at no charge.

Individual Skills Training

We pay up to $10,000 towards training eligible individuals whose skills are no longer in demand and who wish to enroll in a certificate program or earn an advanced license in order to find employment.

To be considered for free training, eligible individuals must prove:

  • Their skills are no longer in demand
  • Jobs are available in the career they wish to pursue

On the Job Training

Perfect for the person who needs to get a job as soon as possible.

Another training option would be to learn a skill right on the job. Eligible individuals who are interested in learning a skill on the job or know of an available job that they would like to apply for but lack one or two of the skills needed to get the job, should call Cathie LeBlanc (508) 862-6128,, Cathie could approach the employer who has the available job, on behalf of the job seeker and inform the employer about our OJT program, with hopes the employer would agree to hire the candidate and train them on the job with the help of MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center.


For those who need experience in a chosen field before they can get a job in the profession for which they have been trained.

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