If you have a disability and need assistance coordinating the services available to help you gain, return, or retain employment, contact Ana Maria Chiappe at achiappe@masshire-capeandislands.com.


The Career Center is equipped with Assistive Computer Programs such as, JAWS, Dragon Naturally Speaking, ZoomText and OpenBook. These programs can assist people with vision impairment, the blind, the deaf and hard of hearing and people with mobility limitations.

MassHire has available in the Resource Room the following ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMS:

JAWS offers comprehensive screen reading capability for people who are blind or have vision impairment.
Dragon Naturally Speaking allows you to talk to your computer instead of typing. As you talk your words are transcribed onto your screen and into your documents or e-mail messages. This program is helpful to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

ZoomText is a powerful computer access solution for vision-impaired individuals.  ZoomText allows you to see and hear everything on the computer screen, providing complete access to applications, documents, email and the Internet.

OpenBook Is a software program that transforms the personal computer and scanner into a full-featured reading machine. You can scan books, letters etc, and let OpenBook read that page aloud to you.

TTY machine available. Assistive Listening Devices FM Receiver for those wishing to attend workshops and other classes. Tape Recorder.


Offers a job board for employers looking to hire people with disabilities and a job board for people with disabilities who are seeking employment. These two job boards are connected.

To learn more, visit the Work Without Limits Job Board