The Veterans Day holiday used to be known as Armistice Day and was created to commemorate the ending of World War I. Now, regardless of which war our veterans participated in, all military personnel in the U.S. are honored on November 11, Veterans Day.

It’s an important day for us to honor and to remember our brave soldiers, but there are other ways we can honor them all year round. Because of their training and experience, veterans can bring unique skills to a job, resulting in not one – but many – reasons companies should consider hiring a veteran.


Veterans know the meaning of responsibility and take it seriously. During their training, veterans are prepared to have their colleagues’ back and know that every cog in the wheel has an important role.


Time restraints and pressure from management can bear down on an employee’s ability to succeed. Veterans know about staying on task regardless of limited resources, tight schedules, and strict oversight.


Their experience being part of a larger organization with ranks and roles gives veterans an understanding of procedures and how policies help a larger organization function.


Compared to constantly changing environments in the military, adapting and learning in an office environment can be a piece of cake. Veterans are used to learning new tasks, rules, and being pro-active in order to adapt.


Veterans often have a global outlook, having been exposed to international trends in technology, people from different backgrounds and customs, as well as other languages.


Leadership is a common trait among veterans. They’re rigorously trained to set a good example and know how to inspire others.


Having had to pass security clearances and detailed background checks, many veterans exceed expectations for trustworthiness and integrity.


Financial assistance for higher education is available for veterans, giving them opportunities for growth at no cost to the company.


Employers can check out the various tax incentives that are available for companies who hire an eligible veteran.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit program WOTC 


Hire Vets Medallion Program 

Hire Vets

If you are a vet, or want to hire a vet, contact MassHire Cape & Islands Career Center’s Veterans Representative, James Gouzias at or call (508) 862-6132.