Congratulations! You’ve mastered virtual job search technology. Uploading resumes is a cinch. Completing online applications is routine. Filming video interviews is effortless.

But wait!

Is that a typo in your resume? Did you submit your application too late? Are you wearing a stained tie in that video?

You only get one chance to make a great first impression whether it’s in person or online. Don’t let your enthusiasm to apply for the job derail you by hitting “Send” too quickly. Success is in the details so before you submit follow these simple steps.

Read the Job Posting

Recruiters and artificial intelligence recruiting software eliminate applicants that don’t follow directions. You may be applying to similar positions but each job posting has specific instructions. If they request a chronological resume, then don’t send a functional version. If they want a PDF format, then don’t send a WORD document. If the deadline to apply is 4:00PM on the 5th then make sure you know what time zone they mean. If they require the job title or job requisition number in the email subject line, then be sure you include it. Following directions is the first requirement for any job. You don’t want to lose out on a great opportunity because you were in a hurry to submit.

Sharpen Your Proofreading

Recruiters aren’t going to forgive mistakes. Did you mean there, they’re or their? Don’t rely on spellcheck; it won’t catch everything. Grammar counts too. Luckily you can tap into free writing apps to help you. Be mindful with your language. You communicate your professional demeanor through your written word. Avoid abbreviations, slang and sounding casual. Finally, nothing beats a another set of eyes. Friends, former colleagues, your professional references and, yes even family, can provide proofreading services. They can not only identify spelling and grammar slip-ups, but they’ll also honein on your tone as well to see if you need to polish it a bit more.

Host a Video Preview

Do you cringe when you watch yourself on video? Or are you your biggest fan and laid-back? It’s easy to be either too critical or not serious enough. Either way can lead to an uninspired, or worse, a video-taped interview riddled with missteps. One way video interviews are gaining popularity among recruiters; replacing phone interviews in many cases. So get out the popcorn and invite friends and family to provide candid feedback on your video persona. Share the job description and company information with them to help them discern if your wardrobe, backdrop, mannerisms are akin with the company culture. They will notice things, like a wrinkled shirt or stained tie, quicker than you might. Then practice, practice, practice.

Getting the job interview requires attention to the details in every aspect of the application process. Be methodical in your approach. Try creating a checklist for each job posting to make sure you’ve addressed all the requirements before you hit the send button. Remember you only get one chance to make a great first impression. For more great tips on how to ace your online application process check out MassHire Cape and Islands Career and Job Search Services.

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