Looking to the future for a career? The first thing is to take ownership of the process.
The JVS Job Seekers Guide suggests the following steps to managing your career:

1. Assess Yourself
2. Explore Careers
3. Create A plan and Set Goals
4. Expand Your Skills
5. Find A Job

These 2 websites will help you to manage this process and are FREE to use:

User Name: hyanniscc
Password: hyannis

These assessments will help you to explore new options and land the job that you have
a passion for. There are exercises that you can complete and portfolios that you can

If you need more individualized assistance we have Career Consultants that can
work with you but you need to be eligible for this activity.

Our Career Consultants guide you and assist you in finding your passion. The Career
Consultant makes suggestions to you and can provide you these services based on
your individual need:

  • Screening and job referrals
  • Referral to the Business Services Team
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Academic Remediation
  • Hi-Set Preparation (GED Preparation)
  • Vocational Assessment

Career Scope

Career Scope, an online vocational assessment, is comprised of two sections.
The first is an Interest Inventory which, after analyzing the test taker’s responses,
identifies and ranks the types of occupations the test taker would most likely
prefer within twelve major categories. These categories include:

  • Plants/Animals
  • Artistic
  • Mechanical
  • Business Detail
  • Accommodating
  • Lead/Influence
  • Scientific
  • Protective
  • Industrial
  • Selling
  • Humanitarian
  • Physical Performing

The second is an Aptitude Survey which measures the test taker’s abilities in a
variety of areas that include:

  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Numerical Aptitude
  • Spatial Aptitude
  • Form Perception
  • Clerical Perception

Once completed, the program generates an Assessment Profile which offers
detailed career recommendations along with the educational requirements for

Microsoft Instruction and Remediation Program

The Microsoft Instruction and Remediation program is an 8-week program focusing primarily on MICROSOFT WINDOWS, WORD, EXCEL and basic typing skills. Also included is an overview of OUTLOOK and POWERPOINT. It is designed to teach participants the computer skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

We use a 3-pronged approach utilizing classroom instruction supported by a self-paced online tutorial and a comprehensive training manual. The tutorial is based on MS OFFICE 2016

Programs include:


TYPING PROGRAM: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe Version 16.

Classes meets Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00-12:00 for eight weeks.
Daily attendance is required. Class size is limited. New classes begin approximately
every 8 weeks.

Please note that certain eligibility requirements must be met, including the ability to type
15 words per minute. As part of this process, the following workshops are highly
recommended pre-requisites:

  • Job Search Workshop Recommendations
    1. Resumes that Work
    2. Dynamic Cover/Follow-up Letters
    3. Online Applications and Tests
    4. Exploring My Interests and Options
    5. Developing Your 30 Second Commercial
    6. Interviewing
    7. Networking Effectiveness
    8. Using Age to Your Advantage

The Career Consultant is your point person for all job search activities that you need in
order to find your career and passion. The Career Consultant is available through the
entire process and for 12 months after you have become employed and working your

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