Whether you’re a business that relies totally on seasonal employees or a business that needs to hire temporary workers to supplement existing staff during the busy season, you need to develop your seasonal recruiting plan months in advance.  Here are seven essential tips to hiring great seasonal employees. 

Know The Laws

As an employer you are expected to know and comply with all labor laws. Hiring youth? Be sure to familiarize yourself with child labor laws. Violators of the child labor provisions could face a civil money penalty of up to $10,000 for each employee who was the subject of a violation. And understand wage laws for all hires in advance before extending any offers. Employers who willfully or repeatedly violate the minimum wage or overtime pay requirements are subject to a civil money penalty of up to $1,000 for each violation. 

Write Clear Job Postings

Compelling, clear job postings will help set your company apart from the rest.  Make sure your job postings include the keywords “seasonal” or “temporary”.  Provide the start and end dates. Is there a training period and is it paid? Describe the exact responsibilities of the roles and communicate your expectations.  Explain the schedules you are looking to fill. Do you require every weekend or rotating weekends? Can you offer flexibility in schedules if they are attending summer classes, or if they are committed to any other obligations?

Encourage Employee Referrals

Current and past employees are great referral sources.  Offer referral bonuses for hard-to-fill positions. Consider offering small bonuses for employees who refer candidates who are hired and successfully remain employed throughout the season.  

Offer Bonuses

Be upfront about any discounts, perks, or bonuses that employees are eligible for to make your job stand out.  End of season bonuses are especially effective to deter seasonal hires from quitting prematurely. Bonuses tied to specific goals met throughout the season are another great attraction and retention tool. Extend a loyalty bonus to those returning and let new hires know they will be entitled to the loyalty bonus if they return in the next season. 

Consider Hiring Your Customers

Who better to provide the quality service you expect than your own loyal customers?  Loyal customers already love your product and are familiar with your company. You’re probably already connected with your customers on social media, so reach out to them about job openings.  Provide on the spot interviews for interested customers. Allow team members to conduct the interviews and answer questions. 

Attract Retirees

In addition to college and on-campus recruiting, remember to focus on attracting retirees who make exceptional seasonal employees.  Most retirees like opportunities to make some extra money without being tied to a company on a long-term basis.  And unlike college students, they are better able to commit to the entire season (and shoulder season if needed).  

Know Where to Promote Your Jobs

Team up with your local government one-stop career center to post, promote, and help you recruit for your seasonal positions.  Host on-site job fairs at your business. Participate in local and regional job fairs conducted by chambers of commerce, schools, and community groups.  Send your job postings to the Area Agencies on Aging to include in their newsletters to members. Use multiple digital channels including job boards, social media, and college message boards to promote your seasonal opportunities.

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