Now, recruiters are experiencing the pain of “ghosting” and the problem continues to grow in this tight labor market. According to a recent Indeed survey 83% of employers reported being “ghosted” by applicants. The study found that candidates ghost by not showing up for interviews and not responding to hiring managers communications. And nearly 25% of employers experienced a new hire not showing up for their first day of work. 

This relatively new phenomena comes with no apparent consequences for the offenders. When polled by Indeed, the “ghosters” indicated they were uncomfortable informing an employer of their change of heart, simply didn’t know what they were supposed to do, or felt awkward communicating with the recruiter who they felt was rude.

It’s About More Than Just A Competitive Wage

When the labor market is tight, you have to work especially hard to attract – and keep – the best talent. Not only do you have to initially offer a competitive wage – you have to stay competitive throughout the entire hiring process. How do you know that you’re offering a winning wage and benefits package? Do your own research using websites like Glassdoor, O*Net, and regional labor marketing information resources including MassCIS. Your MassHire Career Center can assist you with gathering and interpreting this data. 

Have a Responsive Application Process

All job seekers want convenience. If they go to apply for your open position and get bogged down in the application process, they’re more tempted to go somewhere else. Have your recruiters experience what it is like to apply for a position at your company. You may be surprised by the number of hurdles and frustrations they encounter; turn off even the most interested candidates and they will quickly look elsewhere. Make sure your application process is both desktop and mobile friendly. Most candidates are using smartphones in their job searches and if your application is not mobile-responsive, you are going to be the loser. 

Have Strong Channels of Communication 

In addition to paying a competitive wage and having a responsive application process, you need to establish rapport with candidates just as you would prospective customers. Clear lines of feedback for job applicants along with unparalleled customer service exhibited by your talent acquisition team and human resources department are key elements to attracting and retaining that ideal candidate. Establishing a solid relationship between new-hire and employer is critical to avoid candidate ghosting. Check in often with the candidate throughout the recruiting process. And once they’ve been hired, maintain communications even before they report for their first day on the job. Have a structured on-boarding program that begins the moment they accept the position.   

Today’s HR technology allows employers to easily side-step personal encounters with job candidates. Likewise, it can provide opportunities for engaging, communicating, and welcoming those interested in joining your team. An effective recruiter or hiring manager knows how to utilize the tools and the data to identify, attract, and retain quality employees in a tight job market. Failing to use these tools will increasingly result in being “ghosted” by candidates or worse – by your own employees. It’s long been a common refrain among job seekers: being “ghosted” by employers who don’t acknowledge applications, fail to call back to arrange an interview or do not bother to inform candidates about a hiring decision. 

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