As an effective manager, you know that it takes great employees to run a successful business. But are you communicating your appreciation to your employees? Nearly 70% of employees say that motivation and morale would improve “massively” with managers saying thank you more, according to a Reward Gateway study

Show Some Love

Even if you always give employees pats on the back throughout the year for their hard work, kick it up a notch this year and celebrate Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 6th  to show all your employees just how much you truly appreciate their efforts. 

If the catered lunch, after work happy hour, or individual gift cards to the local coffee shop are beyond your budget, then find other creative ways to show your appreciation. When it’s the thought that counts, be sure to personalize your gestures as much as possible.  You will, in turn, be appreciated for your thoughtfulness and the time you devoted to show your team how much you appreciate them.  

Appreciation is Free

Here are ten suggested appreciation ideas that don’t cost anything extra and can translate into great employee morale.  

  1. Hand-write each coworker a personal note acknowledging their contributions.
  2. Create a “Bring Your Kids” or “Bring Your Pets” to the office day.
  3. Give your employees a work-from-home Day that they can request during the year.
  4. Plan a “Dress Down Friday” and allow employees to come to work in comfy clothing.
  5. Spend a day with the team volunteering in the community rather than working in the office.
  6. Create a social media post for your company that tags team members and compliments their collective or individual efforts.
  7. Update your website to include photos and bios of team members to give them the recognition they deserve.
  8. Send each employee a LinkedIn recognition or endorsement and enhance their professional profile.
  9. Create inventive awards that are tailored for each employee – like the “Best Candy Elf” for that coworker who is always bringing sweet treats to share – and present at the next team meeting. 
  10. Give employees a bonus half day off they can use any day this month, recognizing that the gift of time is priceless!

By incorporating even one of these thoughtful appreciation ideas, you’ll be reinforcing to your employees how much their hard work means to you. When people feel appreciated you’ll find that they will feel more like a team and your business is sure to run more smoothly and ultimately will be more successful. 

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