You’ve gone through the screening and interviewing process and you’re feeling excited that you found a great candidate. Chances are, however, that if you’d really like to hire them, other employers would like to hire them too. How do you get a candidate to choose your company over another? How do you make an offer they can’t refuse?

When interviewing candidates, you discuss what’s important to them and what their goals are. Try to get creative when thinking about an individual’s needs. Base salary is the most important thing to most people, but not everyone is looking for the same things over and above that. Did they talk about really wanting a work-life balance? Maybe they need to work remotely one day during the week? Perhaps they’re looking for a mentor or a fun, relaxed work atmosphere. These are the kinds of things to think about and emphasize in your negotiations during the hiring process.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an entry-level position or a senior management position, people want to have a salary that they can live well on, not just get by on. A bit more money at the top of the salary range can make or break a candidate’s decision.

What other monetary incentives can you offer? Perhaps you can offer a bonus upon signing or cover their moving expenses. Does your company offer a yearly bonus or commission? Does it provide matching funds toward a savings or retirement plan? Even though these things aren’t part of a base salary they sure add up and can make a big difference in the big picture.

Someone in an entry-level position will most likely want to know that there is room for advancement in your company. Can you provide classes or offer reimbursement for them furthering their education?

Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you want candidates who are “best in class” you have to consider what your competitors in the same industry are offering, regardless of location and standard of living in your location.

Obviously, many of the incentives you can offer a candidate are out of your control but you’d be surprised at how far you can push the envelope when you find someone you really want to hire. Again, paying attention to what an individual finds valuable can really help you make them an offer they can’t refuse.

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