One of the most common complaints employees have about their managers is that they are constantly hovering over them and micromanaging their every move. This not only makes it difficult for workers to actually feel free to perform their best, but it also can be exhausting for the manager. How can they do their job well when they’re doing everyone else’s job too? Over time, this can lead to the person at the top being on overload and eventually unable to take on new business and responsibilities. Success comes when everyone works as a cohesive system; each branch doing its own part, working toward the same goal.

Micromanaging is common in the workplace. It can be a difficult habit to break because to delegate and handoff decision making responsibilities means to give up control. And that’s a tough one for many people. Taking small steps can make it easier.

Choose Wisely – When hiring team members, choose people who can take on assignments from start to finish. Keep in mind how much easier your life will be if you can count on them to carry out your goals, and make good decisions that are aligned with your vision. When you start thinking about delegating at this early hiring stage, you’ll slowly put a solid team in place that will over time, help ease your load.

Set Up Systems – Put systems in place that everyone can follow. Know that even if you’re not always hands-on, everyone will follow the correct protocol such as using consistent forms, timelines, submission and review processes, and so forth. This can help keep things running smoothly and also provide a clear way to see where the holes are in the process and where things can be improved.

Allow For Mistakes – When staff members are afraid of making mistakes, they pretty much freeze up and wait for their supervisor to make all the decisions. But an atmosphere where new ideas are welcomed, and not every mistake is given the same level of hysteria, can open people up to take on decision-making.

Promote Carefully – An employee who is excellent at their job, doesn’t automatically make them a great manager. Some people are fantastic at their given tasks but aren’t fantastic at managing others and taking on more responsibility. So when promoting someone, think about their ability to lighten your load and take on some of the decision-making.

Be a Leader – Being a strong, well-respected leader doesn’t come from micromanaging. It comes from setting up an atmosphere of communication where ideas are exchanged, feedback is welcomed, and employees know that they are respected. Assigning even small responsibilities to lower level employees can go a long way to promote commitment and trust.

If you’re thinking about how hard it might be to give up control, keep in mind that being able to delegate is a skill that’ll help you in the long run. It will improve productivity, help you take on more important projects, and build trust and respect with employees. Let your team shine and succeed. Don’t forget, that when your whole team looks good and performs well, it all comes back full circle and makes you look great, too!

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