One of the best ways to boost morale in the workplace is to offer perks to your employees. Traditional benefits and incentives such as holiday time off, health plans, and stock options can be translated into real monetary value. But there are also other kinds of perks that can go a long way to make employees happy.

Everyone wants to be recognized and rewarded even if it’s a small gesture. Here are some suggestions for staff recognition that lean more toward quality of life rather than the quantity of the paycheck.

Flexible Schedules – It costs nothing to let employees have a flexible schedule when appropriate, and be able to work from home on certain days. Reward your staff with extra vacation days or personal days for special occasions. Studies have revealed that employees actually cherish vacation time even more than raises.

Volunteer Opportunities – Create a day of giving and let employees receive paid time off for a day to volunteer at an organization of their choice. Many people would like to volunteer but just don’t have the time to do it within an already jammed work schedule. Whether it’s at a soup kitchen, a school, or animal shelter, this initiative can help employees feel a sense of pride and purpose as they give back to the community.

Physical Fitness – Create opportunities that will get your team members up and moving. There are a lot of ways to encourage your staff to take break from sitting at their desks. Set up a yoga class, organize an outdoor walking meeting, bring in a chair massage practitioner for a day, or even chip in for a gym membership.

Bring in your Dog Day – If it’s allowed, designating a day in which employees can bring their dog into the office is a great way to boost energy and lift the spirits of employees. It might not necessarily lead to a productive day, but you can bet that most of the employees will be smiling and filled with oohs and ahhs.

Food and Snacks – Stocking up on favorite foods and snacks is a great way to show your appreciation, and it won’t break the bank. Once in a while provide a free lunch, a pizza party, or pay the tab for a group outing. A trip to one of the big box stores can provide lots of snacks and goodies for quite a long time. Stock a fridge with juice, water, and other refreshing beverages. If you don’t have an office coffee machine, offer free coffee runs every now and then.

Recognize Staff Talent – You might be surprised at how many people on your staff have skills and talents that they never use at work. Perhaps they paint, crochet, knit, write, or sculpt. Set up an area in which they can display their work for others to see. What a great way to shine a light on your employees as individuals.

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