Each company has its own set of values but unfortunately, not all organizations truly implement them day-to-day.

But we can’t talk about instilling company values within your own organization without this most important point: Know what your company’s values are. Only when you’re clear about what the values actually are, can you pave the way for a desired culture in the workforce. Here are suggestions for bringing the company culture to the forefront so that they start to become part of the DNA of your employees.

Training: Inform employees about your company’s values through orientation and training. Explain their significance, why they originated, and how your company implements these core values today. In addition to having information within an employee handbook, subtly remind staff of the company culture with strategically placed posters, flyers, or signs that display your company’s tagline or success stories.

Walk the Talk:  Studies have shown that employees want to follow a leader who is authentic and displays a commitment to their own performance and to helping others do their best. Convey your company’s moral code by leading with your own example. Do you value “giving back”? Perhaps you can let your employees take time off for volunteering in the community, or work together on a book or coat drive, or match employee donations to certain charities.

Hire According to Values: When interviewing job candidates, add some questions that will stimulate a discussion about their own principles and see how they align with those of the company. It’s easier and most effective to begin by having a staff that carries the same vision.

Promote Valued Behavior: Acknowledge and reward employees who do something that’s clearly in line with your company values. Whether you add a blurb in the office newsletter, post on social media, make them an employee of the month, or just send them a personal note – rewarding behavior that’s in line with your company’s character can only motivate them even further. Think about how an employee integrates the company’s core values when you create their performance review and keep them in mind when developing their next goals.

Any team that’s driven by the same moral code – whether spoken or unspoken – can help build a solid foundation and strengthen company culture. These few steps can go a long way in creating a very solid team, that will support not only your company’s strengths, but will help each individual shine.

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