Everybody wants to make the most of their holiday time off and there’s nothing like some vacation time to avoid burnout. But what happens when you’re the one left juggling all the schedules? The good news is that we can determine the dates for major holidays in advance, and the key is in the planning. Here are some tips to help you manage your employees’ holiday schedules so that you don’t dread it when that time comes around every year.

  1. Avoid surprises. Many people like surprises when it comes to gift giving, but surprises aren’t fun for anyone when arranging a holiday schedule. Discuss your company’s vacation and holiday policies early on in your hiring process so that everyone (including you) isn’t caught off guard when the time comes.
  2. Set deadlines. Let employees know that their vacation requests are due by a certain date. Some companies ask their employees for their requested vacation dates a year in advance. Whether you need requests that far in advance or not, let everyone know the deadline so you can get an overview of how the schedule will affect the output of your team. You might want to add some crucial blackout dates in which no one can take time off.
  3. Cover for each other. Let’s face it, you can’t make everyone happy, but you can try your best to accommodate people’s requests. If you need your department to be covered at all times, try suggesting that people trade off dates or fill in for each others’ shifts so that your department’s needs are still covered.
  4. Prepare in advance. If you plan on having a temp fill in or another employee help out when someone’s on vacation, make sure that your staff has prepared good written notes in advance. It can make or break the quality of the coverage.
  5. Delegate. If you’re having others within the company pitch in to cover for someone on vacation, be sure to delegate and spread the love if you can. This will avoid having one person taking on all of the burden and responsibility.
  6. Make it pay. Some companies find that offering a higher rate for working during a holiday can be a lifesaver. Employees who work during this time can make more money, and plan their own vacations at a later date.

Don’t get too hard on yourself if your schedule isn’t perfect for everyone. Managing holiday schedules requires juggling a lot of moving parts all at the same time. But taking the time to plan ahead in order to consider your employees’ requests can go a long way toward their job satisfaction. And your peace of mind.

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