Whether yours is a coworking community space, a traditional cubicle, or a kitchen nook, you want to make your workspace your own.  Creating a working space that boosts your output and mood is important to keep you engaged during desk duty.  

Adopt these simple habits and tools to cultivate an atmosphere of productivity and professional satisfaction in your work habitat

Stash Distractions

Your smartphone, smartwatch, and other gadgets are potential time robbers.  Create a “home” for them; a dedicated place for them to reside while you do your work.  Out of site, out of mind is the best approach for your electronics to assure you won’t miss that important deadline.  Oh, and remember to turn on the “do not disturb” setting for all notifications. Silence is golden. 

Keep Aligned

Make sure your desk, chair, lighting, and monitor or laptop set-up is appropriate for your body to reinforce good posture.  An ergonomically friendly workstation saves time, reduces fatigue, and improves productivity. Consider a laptop lift, wrist rest, standing desk, or footrest to align your body to reduce aches and pains.  The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a computer workstation checklist full of productivity tips.

Bring the Outdoors In

Nature sounds, scents and visuals are morale and creativity boosters. Enjoy tropical birds, ocean waves, wind or simple meditative sounds as you work. Is your favorite outdoor place a beach, a forest, a mountaintop? Create your outdoor theme and then choose wall decor with your happy place in mind. Sprinkle shelves and credenzas with seashells, pinecones, wood carvings, rocks or rustic baskets. Download soothing sounds and let the outdoors in. 

Streamline the Surface

Contrary to the notion that a messy desk is a sign of genius, the majority of specialists agree minimal clutter is more productive. Examine your desk surface and ask yourself “Do I really need this item on my desk?” If not get rid of it or move it to a side drawer or cabinet.  The more items present within your view the more competition for your visual attention and the greater the likelihood you’ll get distracted from the task at hand. 

Connect Emotionally

Color, art, photos, and books add personal touches to your workspace.  No need to spend a lot – just look around your house and see what you want to bring to work. The emotional connection to your life outside of work helps reinforce the reasons you’re working so hard.  By simply focusing a few moments on a souvenir from a recent trip or your kid’s latest masterpiece, you can alleviate the stress and the doldrums that can encroach during the workday. 

Remember to Refuel

Taking a break during the workday is a must to maintain your productivity and overall work performance. If you think taking a lunch break is detrimental to your success you’re not alone – a recent study shows the correlation between taking a lunch break and employee engagement. In addition to lunch, be sure to refuel throughout the day with healthy snacks to keep your motor running. 

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