Baby Boomers are considered to be those who were born between 1946 and 1964. While many Baby Boomers are retiring, this generation is also driving job growth, 49 percent of the jobs gained in 2018 came from people aged 55 and over. Hiring older workers can be a business asset, and we outline some of the reasons why below.

Boomers Bring Wisdom

Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

Employers have shared with us that it’s hard to find qualified candidates. An older worker may be your solution. They will bring experience and tap into their deep knowledge base to solve challenges. And, they’ve seen and lived through it all: reorganizations, layoffs, industry changes. Older workers can adapt to change—critical in today’s fast-paced world. Additionally, older workers can share their wisdom with less-experienced employees. They make excellent mentors.

Older Workers Know Themselves

Younger workers may still be learning what they want in a career and change jobs every couple of years. But more experienced employees have already been there and done that. In other words, Baby Boomers are more likely to stay put at a company.

Boomers Have Connections

Those over 50 have been working for many years and have formed solid relationships. The right connections are helpful in the workplace. When a situation arises, Boomers will know who to call. Well-connected professionals are vital to the success of businesses, especially in sales and service positions.

Boomers Prefer Face-to-Face Communication

Face-to-Face Communication

Face-to-Face Communication

Older workers bring interpersonal skills that younger workers may not have. When they began working, Baby Boomers didn’t have text messaging, e-mail, or social media. Many older workers prefer to meet in person or talk via phone. Businesses value Interpersonal skills. Earlier this year, LinkedIn published a report on the top skills employers’ desire. They include collaboration, persuasion, and people management. An older employee has likely honed their interpersonal skills throughout their career.

Diversity in the Workplace

When we think about diversity, we often think of gender and race. However, it also includes age. The most successful companies are the ones that have employees from different backgrounds. Research shows that businesses with a diverse workforce outperform competitors.

We’ve highlighted several benefits of hiring older workers in this article. They include their experience, communication preferences, and diversity. Like any new employee, an older worker may need training. MassHire Cape & Islands Career Center offers training to eligible individuals. We also have an on- the-job training program for those willing and able to train new hires on the job. To find out more about the many job search and talent search services available to residents and employers, respectively, call us at508-771-JOBS (5627).