The current job market is highly competitive, not just for job seekers, but for employers who are seeking the best candidates.  In this market your company culture is an important selling point. An applicant should be attracted to taking a position with your company not only b/c they like the salary, benefits… but also b/c they like your company culture and your mission. In this article we provide a few ideas related to how you can attract top talent by promoting your company culture. If you need help attracting top talent on the Cape contact MassHire today! 

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What Matters to Job Candidates

It’s not all about the specific tasks of the job itself. Sell candidates also on the corporate culture, the perks, the attitude, and your company’s mission. You might be surprised at how those things can be a huge draw for people making a choice.

The following list can help you think about talking points and different ways to excite and attract the candidates you really want.

Advanced Learning Opportunities

Do you have a tuition reimbursement program? Do you offer additional training or classes to help employees advance? Investing in your employees’ education is a great way to attract -– and keep — ambitious candidates.

Promote From Within

Candidates want to feel that their good work will be rewarded and that the company invests in their employees. Does your company promote from within as a general rule? Relay stories about employees who have advanced and been promoted over the years.

Employee Focused

What benefits can you offer employees so they know that they’re looked at not just as a number, but as a real person? In addition to medical benefits, some companies offer a bereavement day, moving day, holiday shopping day, summer picnic, birthday gift certificates, office-wide contests, to name a few.

The Physical Space

Are there perks regarding the physical space of the office? Is there a gym, a sunlit lounge, cafeteria, stocked fridge, pool table, or rooftop deck? Point out attractions nearby such as neighborhood restaurants, walking paths, cute stores or convenient services that can help make their life easier and more interesting.

Work From Home Options

Can you offer a potential employee the option to work from home once a week or every now and then? In today’s busy world, the option of telecommuting is hugely popular and can set you apart from those who don’t offer flexible hours or an option to work from home when necessary.

Office Atmosphere

Are brainstorming sessions common or do most people hunker down alone in a cubicle? Does a casual dress code go along with a casual atmosphere? Does the company participate in a volunteer day or charity benefits? Are the higher-ups approachable or off limits? These types of considerations will help you and your candidate know if they’re a good fit.

Think about some other sweet advantages that you like about working at your company and what attracted you when you first started there. You might be used to many of the perks or cool things that are offered, but they can help sell great candidates on your company in more ways than you might think.