Have you been out of the workforce for a while? It’s not unusual to feel nervous when facing the challenge of coming back into the 9 to 5. Whether you’ve decided to stay at home to raise your kids, or took a break for any number of reasons – planned or unplanned – there are things you can do to help you with this transition. Here are our top 5 tips to help you get back into the swing of things.

  • Assess Your Passion – Even though you’ve been out of the mainstream workforce, you still have basic skills that can be advantageous, perhaps with a little tweaking. Think hard about what you’re good at. Do you love organizing family finances? Maybe you can translate that into a bookkeeping position. Do you participate in your kids’ school activities? That could help you with tutoring, or becoming a teacher’s assistant. You don’t have to give up what you’re good at; just re-purpose it if you can.
  • Know Your Worth – Remember that employers are often happy to find people who have life experience and previous knowledge under their belts, and at the same time, they wonder if a person returning to the workforce is really ready. Be clear about your story – even in your own mind – and own it. Without revealing all the details, be confident when explaining why you’ve decided to come back to work. Emphasize what you can offer; hone and define your own “personal brand.” It’ll get easier! Try to practice speaking about your goals and other things that you’re eager about, instead of your fears and trepidations.
  • Re-Boot Your Skills – Even though technology may have changed since you were actively working, you can catch up. After all, it changes every few years and so just about everyone has to keep playing catch up. Most libraries offer free computer classes and you can also check out other sources for in-person and online classes.

  • Volunteer – Get your feet wet by volunteering. Even if it’s at an organization or in a role that’s completely different from your known field, it’s a great jumpstart. It’ll get you used to staying on a schedule, being away from the house, and working within a structured environment. You might also meet people who can help you network for a fulltime position.
  • One Step At a Time: If you have to worry about catching up on the latest technology, learning new skills, writing a resume, and finding a new wardrobe all at the same time, you probably would just want to stay in bed. Take one step at a time. Build your way up to where you want to be. Remember that there are wonderful organizations out there that can help you with all of these things.

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