Whether you’re immersed in a current job search or thinking about a career change in the future, your job search toolbox must include a well planned and well-executed digital strategy. Long gone are the days when uploading a targeted cover letter and tailored resume is enough to land an interview for your dream job.

Successful job seekers are savvy about taking full advantage of as many job search channels as possible.  Adopt these digital habits to keep yourself tuned-in to the best jobs at the best companies so that you are ready to act quickly.

Set up Job Alerts on Multiple Platforms

You don’t want to miss opportunities as they happen, so set up job alerts on trusted recruiting sites and job boards.  Remember to include public-funded job boards too. Even if you are not in the market for a job today, viewing job alerts is a great way to keep your thumb on the hiring trends of the industries and companies you may want to pursue down the road.

Update Your Social Footprint

Whether you’re an active or passive job candidate, you want to assure your social capital is working for you.  That means updating your professional profile on Linkedin and elsewhere with your promotions, projects, articles, posts, etc.

Google yourself!  The information that is on the internet – good and bad – is there forever.  If your less guarded posts and prior activities concern you, then generate new, positive posts on all your social platforms.  Search engines highlight newer information.

Leveraging your network is essential to give you a competitive edge when you apply for a position. Work non-stop at expanding and renewing your social connections. Go beyond the “like” by commenting on their posts and contributing to digital discussions. Be sure to maintain regular communications throughout the year and not just weeks prior to applying for a coveted job.

Join Digital Groups

Professional associations, alumni groups, vendor user groups, Meetup and Facebook groups are communities where you can engage with prospective colleagues and employers in real-time. Showing your interest in a company’s services and products by sharing ideas and asking questions before you ever apply for a job is a definite advantage.  Provide relevant links to blogs, articles, studies, and reports that demonstrate your industry knowledge.

Follow Companies on All Their Social Media Platforms

Be sure to follow companies that you’re interested in on all their social media platforms. Companies do not always update every social media platform they are on. Following them on multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit – increases your chances of seeing job postings when they happen.

Be Camera Ready

Skype interviews and requests for video responses to employers’ screening questionnaires are becoming more commonplace. So are video resumes! So be camera ready. Develop on-screen confidence by practicing and viewing “how-to” tutorials. Avoid curious children, barking dogs, or other background distractions and noise. If you don’t have an appropriate backdrop for your video encounters, explore shared workspaces that offer daily and hourly rental options.

Mastering these digital job search habits will increase your chances of landing that in-person interview and a job offer in the new year.

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