It’s the end of another school year and college graduates will be looking for their dream job. As many companies find that hiring from within saves money and encourages a loyal staff, new talent should also be thought of as a valuable resource. There are some important things to consider when integrating new grads into your workforce.

Advantages of Hiring New Grads

Adding recent grads to the workforce can breathe new life into the team. They come to the table with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. They aren’t jaded by weighted procedures that just may not be beneficial anymore. Raw talent, ready to be shaped and guided, can be a powerful asset. In addition, these new, younger employees can lighten the load of the company’s health care costs and other benefits.

Challenges of Hiring New Grads

Along with the upside, hiring new grads brings challenges. Because they’ve had little or no experience in the workforce, new grads don’t always come with the same toolkit your company uses. They’ll need to learn your software, communication style, etiquette, and so forth. In addition, recent grads may have had a demanding schedule in school, but much of their time outside of classes was their own. They’ll need to quickly get used to a commitment that affects other people if they don’t show up or don’t do their work.

Integration of Hiring New Grads

How can you integrate new graduates into your workforce and enhance the advantages and minimize the challenges? Here are 4 suggestions:

Be Clear About Expectations

Talk to new hires about your expectations. Even if some things are obvious such as how to dress, set the rules and goals clearly from the beginning. It can only help to set them up for success.

Meet Frequently

Don’t let them hang out on their own without checking up and checking in. Ask them how they’re doing. Be approachable so they can be honest about their challenges. One-on-one meetings help build trust and will encourage confidence.

Give Them Challenges

Propose projects that let them build their credibility. Give them small tasks that will challenge them but will also let them shine. They’ll feel good being able to show their value, and small successes can build into larger ones.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Remember, you were a new grad once too. The world is challenging and exciting at the same time. But it often can be a lot to handle. Put yourself in their shoes, as new professionals, and work with them in ways that they will understand.

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