There’s a lot to think about when you’re writing or revising your resume – and that includes using words that will get you noticed. It’s true that in today’s fast-paced world, hiring managers don’t have a lot of time to review each resume. You need to have key words and phrases that will stand out with a quick scan; words and phrases that’ll help employers hone in on the information they’re really looking for.

Overall, try to word your resume using an “active” voice instead of a “passive” voice. For example, it’s more impactful to say, “I improved sales by 25%” than saying, “Sales improved by 25%.” In addition to being mindful of that type of phrasing, there are other “power words” that can draw attention to your skills and increase your chances of getting noticed.

Take note of words that are used within the actual job description. Those key words are traits and skills that managers want. Are they looking for a leader who is responsible or flexible? Add those words to your resume. Are they looking for someone experienced in multi-tasking and hard deadlines? Sprinkle that wording within your resume too.

Have you ever managed anyone, even if it was for something such as teaching employees how to make sandwiches? If you’re applying for a job that uses management skills, add words such as managed, trained, mentored, or supervised.

Did you come up with an idea, a program, some artwork, or procedure? It could have been as an assignment or just on your own. Let that achievement stand out with words like originated, created, designed, or initiated.

Even if you’re in the early stages of your career, there are definitely things that you’ve accomplished – even perhaps in school – that can be translated using a power word. Here are a few to think about: Achieved. Organized. Presented. Operated. Won. Inspired. Completed.

Show your knowledge and experience by using words that reflect the lingo usually associated with your particular industry. Does the job posting use common acronyms when referring to a type of equipment or organization? How about a particular computer program or specific machinery? State those on your resume to show that you’re well versed in that world.

Stay tuned for a future blog in which we’ll cover words and phrases that you should avoid on your resume because they’re overused. In the meantime, keeping these power words in mind is a great start.

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