The interview process can be the most intimidating part of getting hired. And if you’re lucky, you might even have interviews with more than one person. You can get passed along, up the ranks, as candidates get weeded out. It’s important to keep in mind that each person who is interviewing you is looking at it through their own lens; how you’ll fit in to their department, how your skills meet their needs, etc. How can you ace each different type of interview? Let’s take a look:

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Interview with Human Resources

This is most likely the first person you’ll meet. The interview with HR is basically an overall screening for candidates. They will ask you high-level questions. Be prepared to answer questions about your job history, why you left your previous job, and salary range. Show that you’re enthusiastic about this opportunity. Do some research to make sure your pay range fits within their parameters. Point out how your job skills match the position.

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Interview with Hiring Manager

In most companies, the Hiring Manager will likely be your supervisor. This person could be the most important one you see. They’ll review questions that HR had asked you. They might initially conduct a phone interview, so brush up on phone interview tips. Once you meet face-to-face, they’ll be looking for more reasons to bring you on board. Express why your skills are a great match for the position. Be confident about your management or work style and be ready to list your successes. This is the interview that also will be looking for your soft skills that would be a good fit.

Interview with Executives

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If you get called back again to meet the “higher-ups” – lucky you! In larger companies, an executive usually won’t spend as much time with you; they want to get a feel for you as a person. In smaller companies, they might take you to lunch or spend the day. Be prepared for some of the same questions you answered previously. Think about your past responses — what you think worked and what didn’t — so you’re even more prepared this time around. Did you forget an important point that you’d like to bring up now? Think about answers you weren’t happy with before so that you can do better. Ask the executives thoughtful questions about their vision for the company and how you could fit in.

Interview with Co-Workers

Although co-workers don’t often make final decisions, their consensus could matter. You won’t really know how potential co-workers feel about bringing in new talent. It’s important that you present yourself as skilled, experienced, but a team player. Bring some humility along with your confidence. Try to remember everyone’s name, and be polite. Show them that you’re excited about being part of their team.

Throughout this whole process, always remember to be yourself. Your skills, personality, experiences, and energy are unique to you. Being authentic is not only going to show others who you really are and whether you’re a good fit for them, it’s going to help you know when a position is right for you.

It’s a great idea to begin your search with a recruiter. MassHire Cape & Islands Career Center is a career services agency on Cape Cod. We can help you prepare and set you up for interviews, and work with you through the process.
Visit us or call our Cape Cod career center at:
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