Recruiting a “perfect” employee is every hiring manager’s goal. You want someone who is eager, loyal, and a great fit for your company’s culture. It’s not always easy to figure out if the person you’re interviewing is the employee you want – or just someone who’s good at the interviewing process. Here are a few tips to help you clear the fog of hiring by asking the right questions, and other screening methods.

Perfect Employee

Perfect Employee

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Carefully Word Your Job Posts

Often, a job posting is an endless wish list. Think about what qualities and skills are most important to you. It’s tough to get someone who fills every requirement. But when you are clear on what’s really important to you and your team, it’ll help you narrow the playing field.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Someone once said that people shouldn’t post anything online that they wouldn’t want on a billboard in Times Square. You can tell so much about a person by looking at their online social media presence. What are they truly passionate about? What are they like outside the work environment? Between someone’s LinkedIn profile and Facebook or Twitter feed, you can get a lot of insight to their character. If you post jobs on these sites, use key words that will attract the right fit.

Ask Open Ended Questions

Find The Right People
Instead of offering up yes or no questions in an interview, ask a candidate open-ended questions. It makes the interview much more interesting and more revealing. Let the person freely express their experience and goals. Encourage them to expand upon their ideas and stories while you’re face to face.

Notice Body Language

While you’re interviewing, be aware of the person’s expressions and tone of voice. What makes their eyes light up? What makes them smile and become energized? It’s not always what a person says that is important…it’s how they say it.

Assess Hard and Soft Skills

Both soft skills and hard skills are important when you’re screening applicants. Besides evaluating the hard skills they have such as knowing a certain software, or language – discover their soft skills. Will you be hiring a quick learner? A good communicator? A pleasant personality?

Never Stop Looking

Always take your business card with you so you can connect with someone on the spot. Take mental notes of great customer service or bright individuals, and follow up with a connection. Put the word out to colleagues, and develop relationships with local colleges.

Work with Recruiters

Hiring the right employee takes time. It’s an investment in getting to know someone during a very short amount of time. That’s why our recruiters at MassHire Cape & Islands Career Center can make all the difference. As hiring experts, we’ll do the initial screening and a lot of the leg work. Let us be a bridge between you and your next employee.