Are you seeing high turnover? How can you keep top employees satisfied so that they want to stay? In today’s competitive job market, you might have to think outside the box to attract amazing employees as well as keep the ones you have. Showing even a small amount of appreciation goes a long way.

Everyone wants to be appreciated. Whether it’s being thanked for a kind gesture or getting kudos for a job well done. Showing appreciation to your staff can go a long way to inspire and retain them. And it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are some simple ways to show your staff you appreciate them. Their inspiration will follow.

Have Conversations In Person

These days it’s very easy to shoot off an email and be done with it. Younger generations are so used to communicating this way that they might not even consider a face-to-face conversation. But it’s a good idea to do so. Connect with staff members in person. Ask them how they’re doing. Tell them you’re aware of their efforts, and thank them for the good work.

Create a Pleasant Work Environment

Work surroundings can have a huge affect on your employees being comfortable – or uncomfortable. Go out of your way to know that their issues are heard, and try to come up with solutions. You might treat the team to ice cream on a hot summer’s day, set up a fun table for playing games during breaks, or get that broken computer fixed quickly. These are all simple yet thoughtful adjustments that show you care.

Let Employees Offer Props to Co-workers

The boss isn’t the only one who can show appreciation. Co-workers also know the importance of give and take. Set time aside for team members to give a shout out to their co-workers. This type of respect and appreciation from the rest of the team can only build on itself and further a positive work atmosphere.

Offer Active Opportunities

Some workplaces are lucky enough to have a gym. Even if you don’t have a fitness center, allow for opportunities to get up and move their bodies. Designate “walk outside at lunch” days, set up times to use the gym. You can even hire a chair massage person or yoga instructor every now and then. Getting back to work after some type of physical activity helps people tackle the rest of the day with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

Show Your Appreciation on Social Media

“We love our team!” That simple sentence posted on social media can reach a lot of people and go a long way to boost their morale. Recognize employee anniversaries or birthdays with photos. You can also post photos of team events and milestones. It’s fun to be a part of a group that is appreciated and supported.

These 5 simple ways to show appreciation cost very little, or cost nothing at all. Remember, a good team is made up of individuals who are well respected and noticed for their efforts. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. And the team’s appreciation back will follow naturally.

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