One of the main keys to attracting perfect candidates is to write the perfect job description. For the most part, you will attract what you put out. There will always be candidates who blindly throw what they have out there – hoping something will stick – regardless of the actual requirements. But if you’re thoughtful and clear about what you want, you will attract job seekers who resonate with your company’s personality.

These 7 tips on writing an awesome job description can save you time, effort, and headaches during the hiring process.

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Clear Job Title

 Add A Clear Job Title

Make the job title short and sweet, and to the point. If you want to show off the company’s clever personality or edgy attitude – this isn’t the place. Be very clear on what you’re looking for. Saying you want a numbers guru really doesn’t describe the job itself. Additionally, a clear job description is more likely to come up in a search.

Express Company Culture

Express your company’s culture within the description. If it’s straight laced and serious – come across that way. If it’s relaxed and eccentric – show that side. Don’t go overboard, but adding personality here and there can help potential employees know whether it’s a good fit right from the start.

Easy to Read Format

Make the job description easy for candidates to review. No one wants to read dense paragraphs. Job seekers will spend time, however, reading a bulleted list or short paragraphs. Add headers to refine it even more.

Land the Intro

You’re more likely to attract top candidates by creating a dynamic introduction. Peak their interest; keep them curious. Perhaps touch on your company’s work ethic, mission, or goals. Let the candidates imagine themselves as part of your success stories.

Include Photos or a Video

When possible, add a link to a video that shows a day in the life at the office. Visuals can help a job candidate get excited about your company and what you have to offer. Testimonials, interviews, roving reporters – any one of these can enhance what you’re trying to convey. Linking to photos and quotes from people already on the team can help sell the company as well.

Be Specific

When listing your “must haves” take the time to really think about what you want. Try not to fall back on just buzzwords. Include details about generalities such as what it means to track schedules, or develop programs. At the conclusion, include specifics regarding how to apply and what the timeframe looks like.

Use Keywords

Add Keywords

Add Keywords

Many people look for jobs via the Internet by entering keywords into their search engine. Consider the right keywords for your needs, and what you think people will enter for their search. Not taking these into consideration could get you overlooked; your job description might not come up at all. Search engines are pretty straightforward and don’t pick up on nuances or inferences. That’s another reason why your job title should be very clear.

These 7 simple suggestions can help get you noticed in a tight job market. Remember that like attracts like. Being honest about what your needs are and what the job entails will help you connect with those who really fit that profile.