MassHire offers a variety of Job Fairs.


Five to sixteen companies/organizations from the same industry come to meet with job seekers at the Career Center for “Career Day”. These job fairs are part of our effort to introduce job seekers to a variety of growth industries on the Cape and Islands. They are usually held from 2 to 4 hours.


Similar to the Industry Specific job fair, except there are a variety of industries represented.


Similar to our other job fairs in that they are open to everyone. The only difference is the participating employers are also willing and eager to hire the specific population being targeted, as well as other populations.


Similar to our other job fairs, except the job fair may be held in a different location other than Hyannis at the request of a group of employers, organizations, etc. who wish to recruit people who live in the area where the job fair is being held.


Over 40 local employers representing a variety of industries participate in this event which is usually held at a local hotel. This event usually draws over 700 job seekers and provides a variety of services to job seekers in addition to the job fair. This event usually runs from 6-8 hours.

Admission is always free to job seekers!