Many job candidates think that employers conducting their interviews have it easy. But if you’ve ever given an interview, you know that this isn’t true! It’s just as important for the interviewer to prepare and adhere to certain tactics as it is for the candidates being asked the questions. We presented a blog on how employers can avoid falling into the trap of using their own biases when hiring. If you’re an employer or hiring manager, we’d like to share with you these 5 tips that can help you succeed at your interview process. After all, the goal is to make a good impression, represent the company in a good light, and attract serious candidates.

  1. Receive Candidates on Time: Any candidate, no matter how qualified, is going to be nervous before the interview begins, and will likely arrive on the early side. Let the receptionist know that they’ll be coming, and don’t keep them waiting too long after the actual appointment time. That takes the wind out of everybody’s sails and will affect the energy of the interview.
  1. Review Resumes Beforehand: Taking a look at each candidate’s resume before they sit down with you is a must if you want the interview to go smoothly for you both. Having even just a little insight beforehand will help guide your questions and make the candidate feel welcomed. Even the busiest managers should make a point of doing this; it can only help.

Review Resume

  1. Create a Dialogue: Think about interviews in the past that you’ve enjoyed and those that felt tedious. Often, the ones dominated by the interviewer can be exhausting for both parties. It’s important to not interrupt but to create an atmosphere of give and take, to develop a dialogue between you. Also, remember that the job seeker won’t know what your internal acronyms or buzzwords mean so take the time to explain these.
  1. Choose Questions Wisely: Some questions such as, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” can reveal pertinent information but they’re quite predictable. Yet, reading esoteric or lofty questions often sound convoluted and contrived. Aim for a happy medium. If you want to offer more unusual questions, try to relate them back to the candidate’s own personal experience.
    Ask Questions Wisely
  1. Cell Phones Off: It’s tough to turn off the distractions when you’re very busy, but your phone ringing or pinging interrupts the process, and doesn’t give the candidate the respect and focus they deserve. If you’re expecting an important call from someone and need to keep the phone on, it helps to tell your candidate that in the beginning of the interview.

We’ll offer more valuable information about conducting interviews in future blogs, but the 5 tips presented here are simple, yet can have a great impact in helping you create a professional and successful interviewing process.

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