Do you have your eye on that special job but are concerned that you’re no match
for the Millennials who may be applying for the same job?

One way to level the playing field is to learn the successful strategies used by many millennials in their job searches.Confidence of Millennials

Who Are Millennials?

Those who have been born from 1981-1996 are considered to be millennials. These candidates would be in their late twenties to late thirties. They tend to be in that sweet spot for finding and moving up the ranks in a company.

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Confidence of Millennials

This generation often approaches the workforce in ways that are different from previous generations. They begin with an abundance of confidence. If you’re outside this demographic you don’t need to feel frustrated about the competition. Take a look at some of their job-seeking techniques that can put you right in there along with coach or recruiter

How to Increase Your Odds

Update your online profile. Millennials often state that recruiters seek them out. Instead of always seeking an employer, hiring managers find prospective employees through online profiles. This is a common way they initiate recruitment. Create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one. If you already have one, make sure that it clearly states your skills, current and past positions, and recommendations.

Seek out a professional career coach or recruiter. This demographic often gets professional support. They can help you with your resume and job search. MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center has professional career consultants and Business Services Representatives who can assist you with your resume, cover letter and help prepare you for your job interview. These services are available at no charge to eligible candidates.

Reach out to previous colleagues who can give you advice and open doors. You don’t have to go it alone.

Hone- in on what you want. Look at company job boards. Check out those that you would like to work for. Whether it’s for full-time, part-time employment, or an internship, keep checking. Sign up for automatic updates.

Research a company’s culture. Millennials want to feel at home at their jobs. They want to feel that they’re part of a culture that they believe in. Take a look at a company’s website. Look at their social media posts. Explore their core values. Understand how they brand themselves. This will give you a leg up when interviewing with a company. It will also help you choose wisely.

Go beyond a company’s website. Most millennials spend time researching a company’s reputation, interview details, and salary ranges. They look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube posts. They look at other informative sites such as Glassdoor that posts company reviews.

The bottom line is being pro-active. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about a prospective employer, the more confident you’ll feel.