We all know the saying “age is just a number” but when it comes to getting back into the workforce, it can sometimes hold people back. Whether someone is 40 or 50 — or older — the stigma can have an effect on a job seeker’s self esteem and confidence to keep moving forward. But there is good news!

Many older people are getting back into the workforce, and companies that are seeking out employees with solid experience and a reliable work ethic tend to be Mature Worker friendly. Some retirees have found retirement boring and unfulfilling; some are done raising a family or have a financial need. No matter what the reason, these 5 tips can help mature adults get back into the game.

Explore Internships for Older Professionals – Just like internships for college students, some companies now offer “Returnships.” These programs help mid-career workers who were laid off or need to get their foot back in the door for other reasons such as raising a family or a career change.  Path Forward is one presence online that keeps track of these initiatives.

Revise Your Resume 

As much as people like to think they’re not biased, subconscious barriers can make a difference in how people view more mature candidates. Revise your resume to show your experience but not your age. Remove age related information such as the year you graduated from college.

Land a Temp Position

Temporary positions or part-time work can be a lifesaver for getting back into the workforce. Many employers are delighted to bring someone on board who has solid experience and who’s reliable. Don’t be surprised if a successful part-time position turns into long-term. This is a great way to get a career on track again.

Do a Wardrobe Makeover

The statement, “You only get one chance to make a first impression” is so true. Look through your closet and see what outfits would be suitable for an interview and which items you might want to replace with something more contemporary. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the workforce, styles have changed, even if they’re subtle changes. Sprucing up a few pieces in your wardrobe will help you make a better first impression and it will also help you feel more confident.

Contact MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center

The career center’s professional staff can offer advice along the way whether you have recent experience in a particular field, are re-entering the workforce or searching for a new career.  We offer job search assistance and programs, such as our upcoming Mature Worker Job Search Boot Camps and Mature Worker Job Fairs. For information on these upcoming events contact Marsha at 508-862-6107.  We are here to help.

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