Are you at that pivotal point where you want to choose the best steps to take for your career? Just about everyone wants to know what the most lucrative jobs are going to be in the future, and what career path is the best one to take. Nobody can say what tomorrow will bring, but we can help guide you by looking at trends. In general, the jobs of tomorrow will most likely be a combination of an expansion of positions that already exist, and new fields that have come into the marketplace.

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Alternative Energy – The trend away from fossil fuels and toward alternative energy is creating an industry that’s growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, this industry is expected to grow more than any other industry over the next decade. Jobs in this field range from installing solar panels to being a wind turbine technician, to manufacturing items that harness wind and solar power.

Health Care – It only makes sense that there will never be a lack of need for good healthcare workers. Whether it’s a home health care aid, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or physician’s assistant, these jobs are going to continue to be in huge demand. Even jobs in alternative healthcare – such as massage therapists and genetic counseling are on the rise.

Geriatric Care – Along with good health care, people are living longer. And that creates a need for caring for the senior population. Senior care at home or at a facility is going to be in great demand as the general population grows older and lives well into their golden years.

Software Developers – It seems as though there is no end to the possibilities in the field of programming and creating computer applications. And as the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) grows, so will the demand for experts who can program, design, and manufacture everything from robots to voice-recognition devices.

Statisticians and Mathematicians – This industry is one of the most important players in job growth that’s not related to healthcare or energy. As more information becomes available and used in everything from science, advertising, marketing, transportation and government, experts in math and statistics will be needed to gather, analyze and report on the resulting data.

Cyber Security – The job market for people skilled in detecting and protecting against cyber attacks is booming. Experts believe that it’s just going to keep growing as long as the potential for these attacks is still around.

These are a few of the types of careers that are expected to grow over the next decade or so. For more information on these and other jobs that have great growth potential, check out The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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