Even though graduating from college is exciting, it can also be a scary and confusing time. The pressure is there to get a job right away, and to seek one in your field. There are ways to avoid some of the stress and anxiety about your job searches and one important part of that is the timing of your search.

It’s a Process. It’s important to understand that finding a job right out of college is not something most people do overnight or within a few days. When you think about it, you’ve actually been preparing for this for years. If you can get a nice flow going with the timing and pacing, the entire search will work better for you. Don’t wait until the last minute, allowing frustration and panic to set in. Spend time early in your senior year getting your resume, portfolio, letters, and online profiles set up and ready so that you can storm out of the gate once you have all the credentials for the job you want.

Look for Recruiters. Some industries offer training programs and will begin to recruit employees in your junior year or early in the fall of your senior year. Be on the lookout for recruiters visiting your campus. Not only can they open doors for you, but you’ll also get valuable experience in interviewing.

Network. Not all companies participate in on-campus recruiting. Most companies are looking to hire for immediate job openings, but they also know that the process can take months. So, applying for jobs several months before graduation is a great option. Spend the time networking, getting to know people, set up exploratory interviews, and keep the process moving.

Explore Early. If you’ve known for a while what your passion is, it’s never too early to explore companies and get to know people in that field. Spending time alongside people in your proposed line of work will help you get clear on what you want, what you don’t want, and it’ll make your entire job search easier. For example, if you love animals and want to be a vet tech, you can spend time visiting vet hospitals, shadow a vet tech for a day, and ask questions as early as high school or freshman year in college. Perhaps you want to be a librarian, or a paralegal; same thing. Set up an appointment to ask them what their typical day is like and you’ll certainly get an idea of whether you want to continue your search. Part of a job search is looking at the big picture in addition to the actual application and interview.

All of these tips are helpful in managing your job search. And there’s something to be said for a little luck tucked in there for good measure.

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