There is no doubt that job searching can be overwhelming. Sometimes so much so that it’s easy to procrastinate or just freeze in place and do nothing. When you’re ready to send out your resume you realize you need to update your resume. While you’re updating your resume you realize that you need to increase your knowledge to be competitive in the field. When you start exploring classes and tutorials you realize you need a job to pay for it all. And so it goes.

Help is here. These 5 simple and easy ideas can help you stay focused and on course when it all seems too much to handle.

  1. Take a Deep Breath. This might sound too simple but it’s in that moment that you can become aware of impatience and truly understand that it’s not an overnight process. You will get that job and you will do what you need to in order to get there. Just remember that it’s bit by bit and you are going to tackle it one step at a time.
  1. Write Down Goals. Lay it out in front of you so your plan isn’t just a jumble inside your head. Make columns such as job goals; resume goals; educational goals etc. Seeing everything written out in an orderly way can help you to cut through the clutter. Visit it daily and assess your progress.

  1. Develop a Routine. How easy it is to sleep until noon and wade through each day aimlessly. Your job right now is to find a job. Be your own boss. Try to develop some kind of routine to help you feel as though you have some semblance of control in your life. For example: Get up. Make your coffee. Go through your research. Work on your resume. Take a break. Make 2 phone calls. Whatever works for you, plan your day accordingly and you will be surprised at how much relief you feel as the day goes on.
  1. Make Notes. Keep notes regarding any contacts either in an actual notebook or on your computer, Don’t try to remember it all in your head. Keep their phone number written down as well as the date you called, if you left a voicemail if they’re calling you back, etc. If someone asks that you call back in a week, mark that day with a reminder to do so. Also, make notes as to how you got their name, and any connections you have. Keeping these notes can make you feel like you have support.
  1. Live Your Life. An evening out with friends can remind you that there is life beyond your job search. Take a walk, see a movie, volunteer at an animal shelter or soup kitchen. Doing something outside of your routine and taking a break from the job search can bring you back to “life is okay.” Then when you return to the search you are stronger and can start fresh.

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