We often hear about the struggle of job seekers in a tight job market. But there’s another struggle that doesn’t get as much attention. And that’s employers looking for quality employees in a tight labor market.

Many experts are now reporting that there are more job openings than there are available candidates. What can you do if you’re in a position of hiring? How can you find really great people to fill those gaps?

Here are 5 successful strategies that can help you get past these recruiting challenges.



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Strategies For Hiring

It’s time to think outside the box. Job boards are highly successful, but they’re also crowded. Limiting your recruiting to job boards will limit your outreach. You never know when a job seeker isn’t actively looking, but would be a great hire. Put the word out to colleagues and friends. Network and attend conferences where you can meet potential candidates. Use social media to inform people about your company and get them curious to learn more.

Use A Career Services Agency

Enlist a career services agency such as MassHire Cape & Islands. Working together as a team can take a lot of the headache out of hiring. Recruiters can offer you a pool of candidates who are looking for work. Also, they will have interviewed and vetted candidates in advance making your job even easier.

Your Hiring Process

Good Job Description

Good Job Description

Review your hiring process from a job seeker’s point of view. Are your hiring managers communicative and engaged? Are you using the current technology to remain competitive? Make sure that the hiring process is one that’s streamlined and responsive so that you retain a candidate’s interest. Otherwise you can lose them to a competitor while the process drags on.

Be Flexible

Be flexible about your requirements. Often a candidate’s soft skills are as important as their hard skills. (See our blog, Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills: Which is More Important?) A perfect fit for your open position might not be obvious. Top-level candidates are in high demand. Where can you give a little? Consider re-working the job description to appeal to a wider audience.

Promote From Within

Look within your current staff. You’ve already put time and effort into recruiting and training. Have you considered promoting and advancing current employees? It can be easier to fill lower level positions than highly skilled ones. So promoting from within will open up a position that can have a wider pool of candidates to choose from.

Retain Good People

Retaining good people can eliminate many of the hiring headaches. Minimizing turnover comes as a result of focusing on what your company has to offer. Making internal changes can be a slow process, yet it’s worth taking a look. But right now, if you’re an employer, these helpful strategies can make all the difference in the world.