Happy New Year! You come out of the starting gate full speed ahead.  “I will get a new job in 2020!” Then your “New Year, New Job” resolution loses its momentum.  Chalk it up to the struggles and stress of finding the right job. Don’t fret. It’s natural. However, you can keep your resolve strong if you create a plan and meet small goals along the way.  

Begin your 2020 job search by adopting these 5 goals for the month of January. And to keep on track, create a spreadsheet to record your successes, big and small, to earn your rewards.

Create a list of target companies

Identify 10 companies you would love to work for.  Research them thoroughly. Delve deep beyond their websites.  For instance, Glassdoor produces “Best Places to Work” results for local as well as global companies based on employee reviews.  Subscribe to your target companies’ newsletters. Be a follower. Postings on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter provide great insight into a company’s culture, diversity and employee satisfaction.

Identify a few high-quality jobs

Many jobs get posted every day.  Resist the habit of applying for everything.  The goal is to find a job that will keep you satisfied long-term.  Save attractive job listings for future reference. Explore similar jobs that utilize the same skills you need for the jobs that attract you most.  Resources like O*NET help you crosswalk skills to identify other occupations that might be a perfect fit. Set up job alerts on job boards based on the skills and qualifications common to the high-quality jobs that appeal to you.  Then set a goal to apply to 2 or 3 high-quality jobs a week.

Schedule informational interviews

Interviewing key people in your field helps you gain valuable insight and advice. Information meetings between you and someone who works at one of your target companies, These meetings can also lead to job opportunities or referrals to other job openings. Resolve to schedule at least 1 informational interview per week. Develop the right questions to make the best impression.

Become a networking whiz

Add 5 new contacts to your network each week.  That doesn’t mean you have to reach out to strangers. Linkedin is your gateway even if you don’t have much work experience. Follow their networking guide to getting started. Join online professional communities and meet-ups in your area. Be strategic and cultivate relationships at the companies on your top 10 list. Employers rank employee referrals as the best source for candidates.

Reward myself for each goal I accomplish

Chai Latte, binging on Netflix or a spa day.  Whatever you choose, give yourself immediate rewards along the way for your efforts.  Research supports the importance of little rewards to keep people motivated. Be sure to create both big and little rewards depending on the goals you reach. Remember your job search is likely to feel more like a marathon than a sprint.  So give yourself a prize for every mile and celebrate BIG when you cross the finish line. 

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