You did your research, took hold of your confidence, and aced your job interview. But wait! There’s more! Sorry, but the work isn’t over. The follow-up after an interview is also important and can make or break your prospects of being hired. Here are 4 simple tips to do after your interview that can keep the momentum going and help you land your dream job.

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Ask About Next Steps

Before you leave, ask your interviewer about the next steps. Find out about the timeline and when you’ll most likely hear back. Ask who the contact person is if you need to follow up with more information or paperwork. It’ll take a huge load off your mind as you wait in anticipation.

Write a Thank You Note

It used to be that a handwritten thank-you note was the norm. These days, sending a thank \note you by email is fine, but depending on the company, a handwritten letter might stand out. Your thank you should be sent within the next one or two days. If you interviewed with more than one person, send each person a separate thank you note, and vary the content of each.

Contact Your References

Make sure you have at least three people as references that the interviewer can talk to. Get in touch with them and give them a heads up that they might be contacted. Let your references know the name of the recruiter and the name of the company that will be contacting them.

Keep Looking

Even if you think you aced the interview, there are many factors that go into a company’s hiring choices. So for you, that means to keep looking. Continuing your job search will help you feel more empowered, and not be laser-focused on just one position.

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